Friday, October 16, 2015

Liam...I'll Listen

I woke up to my alarm. I peered over to Eric, and the sound hadn't woken him up, yet. As I reached for my phone to turn the alarm off, I immediately opened Facebook; it's a terrible habit.

As I scrolled, I noticed friends were discussing their losses; infants who had passed on from this life. I, of course, thought of my tender little brother, Liam on this day of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance. 

Liam is a true example of a valiant spirit. Anyone could feel it by simply holding him close and looking into his ocean blue eyes. 

My youngest brother passed on from this life 16 years ago. Wasn't it just yesterday, the summer of 1999, that we excitedly welcomed him home? 

But, alas, life swiftly passes without a notice if you allow it.

To remember him, I let my memories flow into a short poem.

I'll Listen

Please, don't leave. Stay.
Take the golden leaves back
from where they now hang.
Please, don't go. Remain.
Tarry a little longer to set
eyes on the spring light.

Thank you, my friend.
Every moment and second
I logged away in my heart.
Thank you, my brother.
Celestial bonds carry the
strength of a thousand lives.

Please, be happy. Always.
I'll listen closely for your
warming embrace.
Please, be near. Forever.
Summer will never be the same
Since the day you first came. 

I love you, Liam.

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